TFRL Automotive Lubricants are heavy duty monograde and multigrade diesel engine oils formulated with an optimized combination of base oil and a balanced additive system.
Recommended for the lubrication of naturally aspirated gasoline and diesel engines used in passenger cars and trucks operating under mild driving conditions. It can also be used in agriculture equipment, medium duty trucking, off road vehicles, construction and quarrying.This can also be used in certain transmission and mobile hydraulic systems where use of monograde engine oils is recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

• Good protection against rust and corrosion
• Thermal and oxidation stability
• Controls sludge build up and deposits
• Long equipment life and reduced maintenance cost.
Engine Oil

  1. Trust XP 15W/40 –  Multigrade Engine Oil (API: CF-4/SJ)
  2. Trust XD 15W/40 –  Multigrade Engine Oil (API: CH-4/SL)
  3. Trust S40,30,50  – Monograde Engine Oil (API: CF/SF)
  4. Trust HD40,30,50 – Monograde Engine Oil (API: CD/SF)
  5. Trust 6000 – Multigrade Engine Oil (API: SL/CF)
  6. Trust 5000 – Multigrade Engine Oil (API: SJ/CF)
  7. Trust 2T         – 2 stroke Oil
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