Lubricants keep engine components working smoothly together

TFRL Automotive Lubricants are heavy duty monograde and multigrade diesel engine oils formulated with an optimized combination of base oil and a balanced additive system.


Our lubricants are recommended for the lubrication of naturally aspirated gasoline and diesel engines used in passenger cars and trucks operating under mild driving conditions. It can also be used in agriculture equipment, medium duty trucking, off road vehicles, construction and quarrying. This can also be used in certain transmission and mobile hydraulic systems where use of monograde engine oils is recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Features & Benefits

  • Good protection against rust and corrosion
  • Thermal and oxidation stability
  • Controls sludge build up and deposits
  • Long equipment life and reduced maintenance cost. 

Trust HD 40 is a detergent motor oil meeting API SD/CC specification, formulated from quality base stacks combined with high performance additives. It provides protection against oil oxication, high temperature engine deposits, rust and corrosion in both gasoline and diesel engines

Trust 6000 is a gasoline oil specifically formulated to offer complete engine protection against friction, heat stress and engine deposits. it is high quality, shear-stable, multigrade engine oil for use in a wide range of passenger car and light duty commercial vehicle engines where API SL/CF performance lubricants are required. The oil will help extend engine life by reducing engine wear, maintain high power and performance, reduce oil consumption and ultimately save maintenance cost.

Trust 4T is 4-Stroke motorcycle engine oil specially formulated to provide outstanding, durable protection under severe high torque and high stress condition

Trust 5000 is a premium quality multigrade gasoline engine oil formulated to meet the demanding lubrication requirements of virtually all gasoline automotive engines. Based on the advanced additive technology with highly refined base stocks, they have been thoroughly tested and proven to resist viscosity and thermal breakdown even in severe service. it is used where the engine manufacturers recommend the use of API SJ oil for gasoline engines and API CF oil for light diesel engines.

Trust XD 15W/40 is produced from selected highly refined base stack blended with advanced technology additives, specially to meet the lubrication requirements of high performance engines running on diesel, gasoline and LPG operating under severe conditions. It is suitable for use in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines in various type of service and meets the requirements in latest design and high performance of most diesel engines. It execeeds the performance of API CH-4/SL and specifically designed to meet EURO III norms internationally and protection against bearing.

Trust S 40 oil is blended with high quality base stocks of high viscosity index with advance additives technology which provides strong performance for diesel engines. They are specially recommended for high turbo-charged and heavy load four stroke diesel engines, where engine manufacturers recommend API CF/SF, CD/SF and below.

Trust XP 15W/40: API CF-4/SJ is a premium quality commercial purpose oil blended with high performance additives to meet and exceed the most demanding lubrication requirements for turbo-charged and super high performance (SHPD) diesel engines of modern trucks, passenger cars and industrial application.