Industrial Gear Oils (IGO) are formulated with premium base oil technology and designed to give robust protection to hydraulic pumps and stationary systems.
They are recommended for vane, piston or gear type pumps, especially where pressure exceeds 1000 psi, lightly loaded reciprocating compressors. These can be used in hydraulic equipment reduction gears, plain and antifriction bearings, circulating oil systems.
• Long equipment life.
• Minimized down time
• Optimal oil service life.
• Anti-wear protection.
• Oxidation and corrosion inhibition.
• Foam and aeration suppression.

Hydraulic Oil

    1. Trust AH 68,46,32,100                       – Premium Hydraulic Oil
    2. Trust HVI 68,46,32,100 – High Viscosity Hydraulic Fluid

Transmission Oil

  1. Trust Gear 85W/90,140                    – Automotive Gear Oil (GL-5)
  2. Trust ATF Dextron III – Automatic Transmission Fluid
  3. Trust EP 150,220,320,460,680 – Industrial Gear Oil
Quality Industrial Oil