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TrustLub Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in the TrustLub website. Your privacy is a priority for us at TrustLub, and we aim to provide transparency regarding the collection and handling of your personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices in this regard.

At TrustLub, we may provide additional privacy notices tailored to specific uses of certain personal data. For instance, additional notices may be provided to visitors at our facilities, to our suppliers, to job applicants, to users of specific mobile applications, and to participants of our loyalty programs. These notices are provided by relevant TrustLub affiliates and detail how personal data will be processed for specific purposes. We encourage you to review these notices carefully when applicable.

TrustLub Privacy Policy

At TrustLub, we adhere to general principles of Personal Data privacy in our business operations. This Privacy Policy outlines our approach to handling Personal Data. It’s important to note that our data privacy policies may differ among the countries where we operate to align with local practices and legal requirements.

In cases where national Personal Data protection and privacy laws mandate a higher standard of protection than what is outlined in this Privacy Policy, the requirements of applicable Personal Data protection law reflected in the relevant country privacy policy notice shall take precedence. Therefore, we encourage you to review our country privacy policy notices in addition to this Privacy Policy for detailed information on our Personal Data protection practices and your rights.

Users to whom this privacy policy applies

This Privacy Policy is applicable to:

  1. Visitors of the TrustLub website.
  2. Recipients of electronic or other communications that contain or refer to this Privacy Policy.
  3. Individuals engaged in a business relationship with TrustLub, including customers, representatives of customers, external stakeholders, and their representatives.

If you fall within any of the above categories and interact with TrustLub in any capacity, this Privacy Policy governs the handling of your Personal Data.

Trustlub’s Compliance with Data Protection Laws

TrustLub is committed to collecting and utilizing personal data in accordance with applicable Nigerian data protection laws. TrustLub ensures that any collection or usage of personal data adheres to the regulations outlined in Nigerian data protection legislation. This includes compliance with the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) and other relevant statutes. For detailed information on specific data processing activities, the purposes of such processing, and the types of personal data involved, please refer to the table provided in Section 3. Individuals have the right to object to the processing of their personal data, and TrustLub will carefully consider such objections as required by Nigerian law.


Our website uses cookies, which are text files downloaded to your browsing devices like phones or computers. Cookies store small amounts of data and help remember your preferences to enhance your browsing experience. While some websites may use cookies in ways that compromise privacy, we ensure that our cookie usage complies with privacy regulations. Our cookies have security protocols in place to prevent abuse and safeguard your privacy rights under the NDPR (Nigeria Data Protection Regulation).

Who we share your data with

Personal data is treated with utmost confidentiality, and any unauthorized collection, processing, or use by employees is strictly prohibited.

How long we retain your data

We respect the right of Data Subjects to have their personal data deleted or erased under certain circumstances. Upon request from a Data Subject or when personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, we will securely delete or anonymize the data in accordance with our data retention policies and legal requirements.

What rights you have over your data

Individual data can be processed upon consent of the person concerned. Declarations of consent must be submitted voluntarily.

Where your data is sent

Transmission of personal data, whether within or outside the Data Controller’s jurisdiction, requires authorization and consent from the data subject. Recipients must use the data solely for defined purposes. If data is sent outside the Data Controller, recipients must maintain an equivalent level of data protection unless legally obligated otherwise. Processing personal data is permissible if mandated by national legislation, provided it aligns with legal requirements and respects individual interests. Under certain circumstances and legal obligations, personal data may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies without the data subject’s consent. Such disclosure requires validation by the Data Controller’s Managing Director, ensuring legitimacy, necessity, and absence of risk to the Data Controller. Before approval, the Executive Director ensures the recipient will use the data appropriately and solely for defined purposes.